Castlevania Lords of Shadow hits 1 million

Konami "extremely pleased" with the response

It seems Konami's off to a good start with the reinvented Castlevania series it hopes will power on successfully for another 25 years.

The publisher has confirmed today that the game's shipped a million copies in the US and Europe combined since its release in early October, which won't blow the socks off the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops, but certain appears to have pleased Konami execs.

"Castlevania has truly reinvented itself with its move to next gen platforms and we're extremely pleased at the positive response we've seen toward Castlevania: Lords of Shadow globally, mainly due to the dedicated fans who have supported the series for so long," said Shinji Hirano, president of Konami.

"The remarkable sales achieved in such a short time are a true testament of the work and dedication that went into this project, and we're very grateful to have partnered with such fine talent in the rebirth of one of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.'s most successful franchises," he added.

The milestone was reached without the help of Japan, where the game is due to launch in December.

Not without its problems however, Konami was forced to move quickly to release an update for the PS3 version of the game, which raging users complained was full of bugs and save file-deleting glitches.

We enjoyed playing it though, and if you haven't already you should check out our review to find out why.