Shift can beat 'sterile Gran Turismo 5' - EA

Senior VP looks for "most authentic driving experience"

The Shift series will be in direct competition with Gran Turismo and 'absolutely will beat it' in terms of driving authenticity.

That's according to EA senior VP Patrick Soderlund, who chewed the fat in an interview with CVG about EA's role in racing and the competition from GT5.

"If you look at the differences between the current games we have on the market, Obviously Hot Pursuit and Gran Turismo, there is a big difference in those two products and they will share audiences to some extent," he said.

"But at the same time I would think that they also have non-overlapping significant audience that won't buy Gran Turismo but will buy Need For Speed and obviously vice versa."


"But if you compare Shift and Gran Turismo, I actually do see Shift as a direct competitor to Gran Turismo for sure," he added.

"Honestly, my take on this. Would I want to compete with Gran Turismo on sheer scale - meaning number of cars and the depth that they have in the game? Probably not.

"What does make sense to me... I think they have a very sterile, almost car collecting type of product where that's mainly what we do and I think we can offer something different," he continued.

"Our idea is that if we can offer the most authentic driving experience and portray what it feels like being inside a race car, then I think that's where we can excel and where we absolutely will beat them. That I know for sure."

Shift 2 was announced last week along with the first Shift 2 trailer.

Shift 2: Unleashed producer Marcus Nilsson said that EA's upcoming Need For Speed sequel won't match Forza's 60 frames per second performance, but indicated it will be a far more vibrant game as a result.

Will it actually top GT5 though? After Sony's lengthy development stretch, we know where our money is.