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Black Ops boosts Rolling Stones sales

Gimmie Shelter and Sympathy For The Devil sales spike

Black Ops week saw Activision reap massive monetary rewards, obviously, but The Rolling Stones didn't do too badly off the back of it either.

Billboard's reporting sales increases for both 'Gimmie Shelter' and 'Sympathy For The Devil', Stones songs that were used in Black Ops advertising and in-game respectively.

Gimme Shelter jumped from slightly more than 2,000 copies the week of October 31 to 5,000-plus for the following week according to Nielsen SoundScan.


It then doubled to nearly 11,000 for the week ending November 14.

"Sympathy for the Devil" was licensed as background music for a scene inside the game.

The song's sales doubled to nearly 5,000 for the week of November 14.

According to Activision VP of music affairs Tim Riley, the publisher had to go to great lengths to get The Stones on board.

"It's such a big deal, such a serious song and such a big band... We had to fly out for it," he told Billboard.

"They certainly say 'no' more than they say 'yes.' It's the Rolling Stones. It's not like they need the money."

While we're throwing money and figures around, day-one sales of Black Ops more than doubled the entire opening WEEKEND of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - despite that fact that the film smashed UK records.

[ SOURCE: Billboard ]