Kinect suffers 'rough start' in Japan

Motion cam selling "one-fourth" the units PS Move is managing, retailer says

Kinect has made a rocky start to life in Japan, according to one of the country's leading electronics retailers.

Taketo Matsuo, merchandiser for retail chain Tsutaya, said that the motion cam is "off to a pretty rough start", 1UP reports.


In a weekly retail forecast, he said Kinect was "targeting light [video game] users" but that most buyers were "existing [Xbox 360] owners" rather than new customers.

He also estimated that Kinect is selling just "one-fourth" the amount of units the one-month-old PS3 Move controller is managing.

If the sales are representative of wider Japan, Kinect's slow start is in contrast to its performance in the West, where the device sold one million units in its first ten days of availability.