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Disney Epic Mickey

Epic win?

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The aforementioned pirate island for example, if handled in a particular way, can be revisited for extra sidequests.

Another early choice has big man Pete demanding you search high and low in the Asia Town area for his missing ship manifesto. Ignore his demand and speed through the level and he'll eventually catch up with you, lock you in a room and throw lots of baddies at you.

The problem with Disney Epic Mickey is that as a platformer it's very average, with niggles appearing in almost every system you'd accredit to a game good at bouncing a character across platforms.

In the 3D department you could argue that the game's not really a platformer at all. The main quest takes on a structure similar to a Banjo-Kazooie adventure game, with Mickey talking to the Wasteland's various inhabitants and then solving their various problems (usually fetch quests).


When you do get to jump about, the game rarely presents anything particularly imaginative (paint/thinner gameplay excluded, obviously).

Its worst element is the in-game camera - which is often atrocious, swinging about like a rusty gate and refusing to move entirely in tight spaces.

The viewpoint becomes even more of a problem during combat against reasonably swift enemies, when not only do you wrestle with the not-quite-as-accurate-as-they-could-be paint controls, but you'll struggle to swing the camera around after them too.

2D 'travel' levels meanwhile, while very pretty and interesting to explore, are woefully unchallenging and over in little more than 60 seconds.

As a platformer, Disney Epic Mickey's mechanics are disappointing. It's a shame - because this really is a good game hampered by some bad gameplay systems, rather than a bad game held up by a few good ones.

Game worlds like the superb Mickey Junk Mountain - which is literally made of abandoned Mickey merchandise, including old SNES and Famicom games - show that if you can look past the game's various faults, it's still chock full of charm.

Then again, some of those faults - the camera especially - are integral to the overall game experience and should have been fixed before release, leaving the package feeling unpolished.

Disney Epic Mickey, with its freeform nature and deep exploration, has plenty of appeal - and completists and adventure fans may even adore it.

But its rough edges ultimately dampen its potential. If only it had been given an extra lick of paint...

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The verdict

Mickey's big potential is held back by some very un-epic platforming, but he's still got something to offer.

  • Fun and well used paint mechanics
  • Deep exploration
  • Player choice adds epic replay value
  • Very disappointing platforming
  • Horrible camera
Nintendo Wii
Junction Point Studios
Digital Interactive