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Gran Turismo 5 review is hours away

Still no sign of any review scores world-wide

The much-anticipated Gran Turismo 5 review scores are still nowhere to be seen - suggesting video games sites are sticking to Sony's embargo of 8.01am tomorrow morning.

That's certainly when you'll be able to find CVG's own write-up - and we're in the process of making it as comprehensive as possible.


We're not allowed to tell you much about our Gran Turismo 5 review, but we can share that the game is ginormous.

Just playing through a fair selection of the huge number of cars on offer takes hours. There's over 1,000 of the blighters. Can you imagine?

Then there's F1, track editing, karting, a Top Gear mode, weather effects - Polyphony really has crammed it all in there. Needless to say, our reviewer hasn't had much sleep since receiving the game over the weekend.

As ever, we'll keep you up-to-date as to whether any Gran Turismo 5 review scores go live online tonight, but in the mean time, look forward to that magic 8.01am reveal tomorrow morning. We can't wait to share it with you.