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Gran Turismo 5 update released (already)

Downloadable patch version 1.01 installs another 133MBs to your hard drive

A downloadable update for Gran Turismo 5 has already released, hours before the game's set to hit store shelves.

When you plot the GT5 disc into your (internet connected) PS3 tonight or tomorrow, the first thing you'll see is a prompt to download the update, version 1.01, which unfortunately weighs in at 133MBs - and could take some time if everyone in the western world is doing it at the same time.

The primary feature of the update appears to be the activation and organization of the game's online modes, which apparently weren't previously available to those who got the game early.

It also feature minor tweaks such as throwing a streaming news panel on the main menu and a prompt for license agreement when you first go online.

At 133MBs it would seem like something more significant is tucked away in the update, but nothing's been officially announced as yet.

But unlike the optional 6.4GB install, you won't be able to skip this update if you have any intention of going online.

[ SOURCE: GTPlanet ]