Gran Turismo 5: Love it or hate it?

Has Polyphony produced a truly Marmite racer?

Now that the Gran Turismo 5 reviews have settled like leaves once kicked up by a flurry of hot tyres, we can start to assess the lay of the land.

As it stands, Gran Turismo 5 verdicts are something of a high-end mixed bag.


If you need any illustration of just how stark the Gran Turismo 5 opinions can get, though, PSM3 has taken two scrapping journos and encouraged them to put finger to key and tell you why you might love Gran Turismo 5 and why you might hate it.

GT fan and real life race fan, Steve Williams absolutely lambastes the title calling it a "colossal disappointment. Epic. Global."

Equally qualified GT fan and real life race fan, Alex Evans, on the other hand calls it the best Gran Turismo yet: "GT5 is THE Gran Turismo. Here's to losing the next five years in a cloud of exhaust fumes."

We're in no doubt as to how good the game is - we gave it an 8/10 in our Gran Turismo 5 review, but for all its polish and amazing driving physics there are still too many quirks that the series hasn't managed to get rid of.

It's also been getting positive scores elsewhere, which puts GT5 well and truly in the "good game" category and many have held the racer up as the definitive title in its genre.

Have you got it in your mitts? Give us your early thoughts on Polyphony's long overdue racer below...