Epic Mickey review - 85% in ONM

"A deep game with immense character" but "average" 2D platforming

The first Epic Mickey review has arrived in Official Nintendo Magazine. The mag, which was sent out to subscribers earlier this week, awarded the game 85%.

It's an impressive first review score, but the game doesn't quite reach the game of the year standard that Junction Point chief Warren Spector was hoping for.

Why not? Well, according to the review, Epic Mickey's visuals are "stunning at times" but "bland" at others.

The 2D platforming sections also come in for a bit of criticism, being described as "average".


However, according to ONM, the story is "mature and touching" and "it is a deep game with explicit replay value and immense character".

You can read the full Epic Mickey review in the Christmas issue of Official Nintendo Magazine, which goes on sale tomorrow.

You can buy it in the shops or, if you want to save money on future issues of the mag, subscribe and save up to 50% here.

CVG's Epic mickey review will be with you tomorrow morning at 8:00am.