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More Gran Turismo 5 review scores tumble in

Polyphony's racer continues to get top-end marks

A few more Gran Turismo 5 review scores have started to work their way onto the internet - and they more or less all agree that GT5 is very decent indeed.

Respected US mag Game Informer goes for a 9/10 score, calling Gran Turismo 5 "a racing experience that racing fans should not miss".

CVG buddies TheSixthAxis runs with a score-less, yet in-depth review. The site calls the game "essential gaming for race sim fans" and "something that will grow with you the more you play".

Meanwhile, GamePro chimes in with a 90 percent score.


It calls Polyphony's game "an amazingly deep racing game that offers an almost mind-boggling amount of racing challenges, cars, tracks and features."

It also points towards a "superb online mode that gives the game incredible longevity."

Metro also acknowledges GT5's quality, but give it a more muted 8/10.

It marks the handling and attention to detail as the main pros, as well as an "absurdly generous" level of content.

It does, however, note that "artificial intelligence is still not top drawer and damage modelling is equally limited."

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