Bulletstorm: Dissected

Trailer Analysis: 18 screenshots from the latest kick 'em up footage

We've already seen a fair amount from the shoot 'em, kick 'em, tie 'em, chuck 'em FPS that is Bulletstorm.

One thing that's for sure is that this is a game that's going to make no apologies for being little more than a beautifully brutal, testosterone-fuelled, jock-tastic slab of meat.

It's the kind of approach you need to take with full force or not at all and, judging by the latest Bulletstorm trailer, Epic Games and People Can Fly have done exactly that.

But it's still worth taking a closer look at some of the many subtleties in the game, and by subtleties we mean ways killing.


It seems like our butch, super-slugger styled protagonists end up in a sticky situation after crash-landing their spaceship on what at first looks like quite a hidden gem of a holiday spot.


That is until these unfriendly types get choppered in to share the rays.

Judging by the fact that they were brought in via a metal storage unit on the end of a chain, we're guessing that these aren't the most savoury chaps - maybe prisoners of some sort tasked with killing the living daylights out of people?


It's clear that these guys are going to be the main grunts of the game. Jumping attacks seem to be the order of the day coupled with some good old melee attacks based around what look like scythes, wrenches and whatever other metal objects they can get their hands-on no doubt.


We'll also be going up against this beauty at some point, which looks like a dinosaur with a gym membership and the ability to use its hind legs. Intimidating stuff and an exciting hint that we might see boss battles with God Of War style proportions.

So, what will we be equipped with to return fire? Obviously there's an array of traditional firearms at our disposal along with the boot and that energy/electricity soaked length of rope.


The more quirky weapons, however, include this doozy: A clamp on grenade - for the killer who likes to make sure that explosions are as close to the enemies face as they can possibly be.

Remember to kick that dead man away from you once that grenade's primed though, won't you? That way he'll blow up his violent comrades rather than you.

There's also a fair bit of vehicular combat chopped into the trailer that looks really fast and really dangerous. A good combination, then.


Speaking of combos, chaining violence together for the ultimate kill is the Bulletstorm way and it appears there's no better kill than the one the latest trailer ends on.

Multiple enemies, in the air, blasted into more pieces than's healthy. That's how you multi-kill, son, take note.

We've taken a bag full of screenshots from the trailer for you to pick apart at your leisure. Have a look and tell us what stands out for you.