Shenmue City will continue the story

...if gamers stay interested enough in planned timed events

So you made it to Guilin, met Shenhua - the girl you've been dreaming about - slapped the Phoenix Mirror on that mysterious sword and saw it float. OMG, what now?

The nine-year wait to see how the story continues from the cliffhanger ending of Shenmue 2 is ongoing, and it doesn't look like Shenmue 3 is happening any time soon. But you might not need to wait for it, because the upcoming spin off, Shenmue City, may finally continue the plot.

In an interview about the new social game, headed to mobiles and a web portal in Japan next year, series creator Yu Suzuki revealed plans for timed events that could continue the story if the game proves popular enough.

The game starts off in the Japan setting of Shenmue 1 and moves on to Hong Kong, he explained. "I think that Hong Kong and the setting of Shenmue 2 will proceed in the same way in this game," said Suzuki. "The Shenmue series has a vast storyline, and a lot of it was never rendered in game form, so I hope we can show off some of that content to gamers as well."

He went on: "We have plans for time-based events and other version upgrades as we run the service. If we can keep gamers excited and remain popular enough, I think that'll provide us a chance to continue with the story ahead."

He goes on, once again, to state his desire to make a proper Shenmue sequel. "I still have a very strong desire to make a Shenmue sequel, but that's not something I can tackle alone -- a lot of other things need to come together before it could happen."

Nevermind that though. For now we just have to hope Sega localises Shenmue City for the West.