Kaz unsure of Gran Turismo 6 platform

Next driving sim could arrive for PS3 or go next-gen on PlayStation 4

The PS3 may be the first Sony console not to have two full-fat Gran Turismo releases.

Work on Gran Turismo 6 is already underway, but series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has said at a GT5 launch event recently that he doesn't know if the sequel will arrive on PS3 or hold off for the mythical PlayStation 4.

"10 years ago it was easier to predict what would happen three years in the future," he told EG at the Madrid event. "Nowadays no-one knows what happens in the future. In three years, we don't know what will happen."

Yamauchi also responded to criticisms of GT5's online features (What's wrong with them? Find out in our Gran Turismo 5 review). "Online updates are planned of course for leaderboards and matchmaking - [they're] all planned in the process of evolution," he said, promising improvements via "upgrading every week, every month".

"Today is not the finale. Today is only the beginning of a new era for Gran Turismo," he added.

[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]