Gran Turismo 6: What we want to see

Here's our list, but what do YOU want?

Despite the fact that Gran Turismo 5 has only been sitting in our trays for mere days, we've got our eyes set firmly on the future again.

That's right, we're already thinking about Gran Turismo 6 and all the different ways it could potentially improve the series.

Maybe looking so far ahead isn't all that unreasonable this time either. We wouldn't be surprised if Gran Turismo 6 was officially unveiled tomorrow with a "Coming 2020" sticker slapped across it.

That means we need to get brainstorming. Here's what we think Polyphony need to consider for GT6.


1000 cars in a racing game is really nice and everything but... 1000 cars? We didn't even know there were 1000 cars in the world, so to cram that many into a game seems like overkill.

Let's not forget that games are about escapism, being able to do things you wouldn't be able to do on a Sunday morning. Racing games in particular are, in essence, about driving really fast in really nice cars.

We're not saying get rid of the hatch-backs entirely, we like ragging a Ford Focus around the track because we can say things like, "Imagine if this were Mum driving right now", but do we really need 13 different Honda Civics?

Let's send some of the lesser cars, some of the annual updates and all too similar sport editions to the scrap yard shall we?

We understand that car collecting is all part of it, but who in all honesty is going to be scraping the pennies together for a 2003 Vauxhaull Vectra? A Volvo 240 GLT Estate? Please.

Alright Sony, Polyphony, very good, you made us wait five years. No really, kudos to you for managing to delay what's essentially a gathering of pixels for five years and still have us chomping at the bit. Yep, yep, you got us. Very funny.

But seriously, if you ever do that again we're going to melt our PlayStation 3's pack the gloop into a bucket and use it to paint rude words all over your respective buildings.

Five years? What happened? We've been playing Gran Turismo 5 Prologue for two and a half years! That's not a prologue that's... We don't even know what that is!

Alright, look, we appreciate you needed to make this as perfect as you possibly could, we know these things take time. But next time - even if you're well into development - set yourself a release date, add three years and let us know then. That way we'll only have two years to wait.

The damage debate seems to split the GT community into two camps - more damage or no damage.


It's a tough one to call. While realistic damage will always add to the immersive experience of a racing title, the counter-argument that Gran Turismo is about the kind of driving that doesn't end in collisions is a strong one.

What we can say though is that a gesture towards damage, a half-way house of slightly bent crumple zones and cracked brake lights is unsatisfying. We'd rather eat cake or have no knowledge that the ingredients were even bought. What we can't stand is sitting in the other room knowing that all we will ever do is smell the cake.

So, it's either full damage, across the board or none at all for us. To be honest, we're leaning towards damage. This is supposed to be the ultimate racing sim, after all, and while we don't expect full-on Burnout style collisions - we still pride ourselves on careful, precise racing of course - it would be nice to have to actively deal and work with any inadvertent damage we did pick up a bit more convincingly.

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