2011's best games: The Top Ten

Will next year knock the spots off 2010?

Call of Duty: Black Ops, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Gran Turismo 5; we've had massively exciting titles in the last month, never mind the last 11.

If you ask us, 2010 is going to be a pretty tough year to beat as far as the gaming world is concerned.

But don't relax too much there, Mr. Confident. Just a little peak into the future will tell you that the new year has got more than a few big ones tucked up its sleeve.

Here are the games we think will be applauded as the best of 2011. Roll on New Year...


1. Dead Space 2: Dead Space was a silent killer; a vastly underrated game with incredibly dingy atmosphere, a weighty feel and some of the most disgusting enemies we've ever shot at. Made us shiver it did.

Isaac Clarke returns next year to be inconvenienced further by his necromorph foes in what promises to be another bone-chilling survival horror.

Dead Space 2 packs in the added attraction of an online multiplayer mode as well. With one side taking on the role of their favourite necromorphs, we're looking forward to a whole new approach to killing our fellow man.

Jumping on the face of a friend and chewing until we reach brain? Horrific... Yeah go on then.

2. LittleBigPlanet 2: On a brighter, happier note, LittleBigPlanet 2 will be providing a toolbox of creativity in 2011 for those among us who are more constructive than destructive.

The original LBP was universally applauded by critics and consumers alike upon its release for bringing not only a solid platformer to the table but also a completely fresh, unique experience where gamers could actually create platform games of their own.

The real potential of the LittleBigPlanet model was found in the community, as LBP fanatics started to create levels that surprised even developer Media Molecule.

Inspired, the studio has provided more user-friendly developing tools than ever before in LBP2 including the ability to fully programme NPC sack-bots with their own, unique AI brain. We can't wait to play with this one and see what you lot come up with.


3: Batman: Arkham City: Batman Arkham Asylum finally gave the Dark Knight the game he deserved.

His battle through the gothic halls of the mad house were cerebral, sinister and satisfying.

With free-flowing combat, comic-book lore scattered everywhere and the voices of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill adding to the experience, Arkham Asylum was definitive Batman.

Arkham City promises to build upon that as the loonies start to roam a section of Gotham's streets.

This time Bats is fully equipped from the start and is joined by more classic characters including Catwoman and Two Face. There's also the quiet possibility of sweet, sweet co-op.

We're looking for a bigger, better Batman game. It'll be hard to do but in Rocksteady we trust.

4: Duke Nukem Returns: The Duke is finally making what's sure to be a suitably rude return in 2011.

The Duke Nukem franchise is one that is considered such a classic that we think Duke Nukem Forever could go either way. We're going to stick our necks out though and say it's going to have a pretty big impact on the gaming community.

It should have something of an impact everywhere else too. Duke's big, ballsy, frankly bigoted ways were overlooked back in the day, but now gaming is situated more in the fore and certain sections of society have developed hyper-sensitivity. We're expecting something of a volatile reaction.

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