SSFIV getting Evil Ryu, Akuma

Leaked achievements show new characters for console fighter

A leaked list of 360 Achievements and their icons for Super Street Fighter IV appear to reveal the imminent arrival of Evil Ryu, along with Yun and Yang and an 'Oni' Akuma.

The icons show Evil Ryu with red eyes, a ripped shirt and a rather troubled look on his face. Like he's being kicked up and arse by Big Foot.

Another achievement called 'Birth of Oni' has Akuma in its icon, hinting at the arrival of a new mega Akuma for the console version.

Yun and Yan are in too, the Third Strike fighters from the arcade version of the game. With no official word from Capcom, it's all rumour for now but EventHubs has screenshots of the achievements and their descriptions. Head through the source link for those.

[ SOURCE: EventHubs ]