Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Mission mode and license cards revealed

Task-based training missions and fighter profiling detailed

Capcom has revealed details on new modes of play for its upcoming mental fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


As well as the usual selection of arcade and versus modes (the latter of which online, Capcom notes), the game will also feature a new Mission mode and new License Cards.

Capcom explains: "In the Mission mode, users can train themselves with a series of character specific challenges." Sounds like Street Fighter IV's annoying combo-based challenges.

The License cards will be a way for players to scope out the playing style of other players online, which sounds like it tracks some interesting info about how you fight.

"If you want to study up on how your opponents play, check out the license card. The data found here tracks player tendencies based on their fighting style. Your own license card will in fact record your data, let you choose your favorite icon to represent you, and record your battles and player points," says Capcom.

"The data in the license card will allow you to see positive and negative points about your play style. By reviewing player data online, you can find friends and rivals to play against and then do "recon" as the fight starts-up. The license card will allow you to see who an opponents favorite team of characters is, number of wins and losses, what kind of attacks they like and much more."

The game's headed to PS3 and 360 on February 15.