Captain America Wii not inspired by Arkham Askylum

Expect cartoon visuals in Nintendo version

Has Sega learnt from its mistakes with the appalling Iron Man Wii games. Rather than make a port of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions, the Nintendo version of Captain America: Super Soldier is being made specifically for the Wii. That's right, gents - built from the ground up.


The game is being developed for Wii by High Voltage, the makers of the impressive-looking Conduit 2.

According to Nintendo Power, you can expect over-the-top cartoon visuals in an action game that will use the Wii Remote's motion controls.

You'll aim at enemies from the comic books such as Lady Hydra with the Wii Remote and then tap a button to throw Captain America's shield.

Captain America can point at several enemies at once and time will slow down when you hold the C button. When you chuck the shield, it will bounce off enemies and stun them.

You can also hide behind your shield if you're being attacked by an enemy while submachine gun fire can be deflected back at your opponents.

As for the story, it takes place during World War II and sees Captain America infiltrating a castle which Hydra is using as her base.

So don't expect an Arkham Askylum-style makeover, then...

[ SOURCE: NintendoEverything ]