Buy Donkey Kong Country Returns with BANANAS

Trade in fruit for Donkey Kong at GAME

Donkey Kong Country Returns could be yours for no more than a bunch of bananas.

In one of the best (and weirdest) trade-in deals we've seen to date GAME is offering the new, highly rated barrelling platformer for fruit.


What's that we hear you whimper? There must be a catch? Of course there's a catch!

The offer is only available to the first 20 people to arrive at selected stores on Friday when the game is released.

So the actual price of Donkey Kong is an early start, a bit of luck and a bunch of bananas.

The participating Game stores are:

Games Stores, Oxford Street (opens at 9am)

Game, Merry Hill (Opens at 9am)

GameStation (Opens at 8am)

To find out whether Donkey Kong Country Returns is worth an early start and a bunch of bananas (it is), have a read of our review.