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NFS: Shift 2 won't have '1000 irrelevant cars' - dev

Lead designer Andy Tudor says its latest sim will be "streamlined"

EA's lead designer on Need for Speed: Shift 2, Andy Tudor, has said the upcoming racer will take a punt at beating the GT5s and Forzas of the world, but without "1000 irrelevant cars".


"We're very clearly going after the sim guys," he told EG before going on to talk about Sony and MS' flagship racers.

"Those two games are on pedestals at the moment. When we're thinking about what we want to do in this game, it's not a numbers game. We're not going to add a thousand irrelevant cars. Both those games, to me, are almost like encyclopedias. You've got a thousand cars, a thousand tracks, whatever, and basically the game is about earning cash to get another car, earning cash to get another car. It's like a grind. It's almost like stamp collecting.

"That's not where the fun is. The fun is behind the wheel, feeling you're on the edge, pushing it to the limit, putting in the cars that are relevant and cool to drive, allowing you to completely customise those from factory to the works level we had in Shift 1, and giving you the chance to then play against your friends in a social way," he said.

"From what we've found, most people have 10-15 cars in their garage anyway," he went on, saying people tend to buy their first car, a few more as they rise through the ranks and then their dream car.

"They certainly don't fill their garage up with every single car there is in the game - all 500 of them.

"It's a different way of thinking, basically. We want to take those guys on. We want to make a more authentic experience. We've put in a new elite handling model and give you more access over deadzone, sensitivity, steering aids, break assists, all that kind of stuff, to allow you to dial in the experience you want."

[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]