iPad 2 out Q1 2011, has camera - report

Taiwanese firms lends weight to recent rumours

The not-yet-announced-but-inevitable second-generation iPad will be hitting shops in the first quarter of 2011 if rampant rumours turn out to be accurate.


There have been numerous whispers floating around, but the latest comes in the form of a Taiwan Stock Exchange filing from manufacturing firm Largan Precision, who calls itself the "sole lens module supplier" for the second generation iPad, with shipments due in Q1 2011.

There's a date for you and, it would seem, a solid nod to the second iPad having at least one camera, although other rumours suggest there'll be a front-facing lens too, for Face-Time calls we assume. This would make sense following the addition of a front-facing lens on the latest iPod Touch SKU.

Although Engadget notes it's unclear whether it's the lenses or the full iPad 2 product that will ship on the noted date, a separate report from China Times also dates iPad 2 for the first quarter.

It also claims that Largan only got the exclusive deal on the iPad 2's lenses because Apple's iPhone 4 camera supplier GSEO (Genius Electronic Optical) is already running at full capacity.

The rumoured release would line up nicely with Apple's typical annual roll-out seen for its iPhone and iPod products, being as the first iPad released in April this year.

[ SOURCE: Engadget ]