EA: Skateboard genre has "run its course"

John Riccitiello reckons skateboarding is past its prime

EA head man John Riccitiello has said the skating genre of video games has "run its course".


EA's 'Skate' franchise takes on the once Tony Hawks series from Activision (and wins in the quality stakes, to some extent), but Riccitiello reckons the time when skateboarding games ruled the sports game roost has come and gone.

"When it comes to action sports, I think that's going to be an ongoing exciting genre," he said on a positive note, before adding, "But at least for the level of excitement out there, skateboarding seems to have run its course as the representative example in that broader genre."

Could rubbish, ludicrously expensive plastic skateboard controllers have had anything to do with its downfall?

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]