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Is Ghost Trick the first great DS game of 2011?

Play the new demo to find out...

3DS will be released in March but there are still some great games on the way for DS in the early part of next year. Okamiden and Pokémon Black and White are coming in the Spring but, judging by this new demo, Ghost Trick could be the first great DS game of the new year.


Ghost Trick is the puzzling new game from Phoenix Wright creator Shu Takumi and you can play a demo of the game now on Nintendo's website.

Typical of Takumi's games, the story is baffling. You are Sissel - the soul of a man who has recently been murdered. But there's no time to mourn your past life as you have to save a woman who is about to be murdered by your murderer.

As a ghost, you can possess objects and use them to distract or squash the murderer and save the woman. You can also reverse time by four minutes when things go wrong.

Ghost Trick will be released for DS on 14 January.