BBC Panorama reporter: Don't judge games addiction show too early

Trailer shows footage seemingly rehashed from art exhibition

The reporter behind Monday's Panorama special, 'Addicted To Games?', has given the industry hope that the programme might not be as one-sided as first feared.

Journalist Raphael Rowe told CVG that gamers should "judge after you've watched" the documentary, which promises to "reveal the hidden psychological devices in games that are designed to keep us coming back for more".

Rowe's comment comes as the trailer for the programme hits the net - with footage that will have the games industry bracing itself.

The short video, which you can see below, shows the faces of teenagers enraptured whilst tackling games. Rowe said that the kids' reactions were "real" and that they "were filmed whilst playing".

However, they appear to be borrowed from UK photographer Robbie Cooper's exhibition from earlier this year, Immersion. The Sunday Times also snagged Cooper's images to support its own investigation into the addictive quality of video games.

All eyes turn to BBC One, 8.30pm, Monday Night.