Win a record deal with Def Jam Rapstar

Are you Britain's best new rapper?

Def Jam Rapstar has buddied up with Atlantic Records UK to offer a record deal to the winner of a nationwide search for Britain's best new rapper.

The search begins on January 1, 2011 when players will be able to upload their performances to using the game's Freestyle Mode.


Submissions will go on for one month with the community voting on their favourites.

The best of the best will then be invited to battle it out live on Freestyle Mode at regional qualifiers held at select HMV stores across the country during February 2011. They'll be judged by an audience "8 Mile style".

The final ten hottest lyricists will then go to a central London finale and be judged by a panel of hip hop aficionados.

The winner will then finally be crowned the Rapstar champ and signed by Atlantic Records, who will go on to release the Rapstar's first single commercially.

"We created Def Jam Rapstar with every intention of providing hip hop fans the ultimate gaming and social media experience," says Def Jam Interactive CEO Kevin Liles.

"Rapstar's social community at not only gives players the chance to perform their favourite hip hop songs and show off their emcee skills, but it also builds a platform for us to discover new talent. Artists, producers, promoters etc... All can join in on the fun.

"Atlantic UK and HMV are the perfect partners to venture into this project and together we will find the next Rapstar."

CVG editor Tim Ingham asked whether Def Jam Rapstar is the most important game of the year because of its capacity to do things just like this.

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