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Apple can challenge Sony, MS in console war - EA

But it would still be "extremely difficult" says VP Soderlund

Apple would have a "relatively good chance to succeed" if it tried to take on Sony and Microsoft in the video game console market.

That's the opinion of EA's VP Patrick Soderlund, who fielded questions from CVG about the future of the games industry and those competing in it.


He said that anyone else but Apple would find it very hard to compete with PlayStation and Xbox.

Bizarre rumours of Apple stepping in to buy a massive video games property circulated back in October.

Sony and EA were just two big names that cropped up. We asked Soderlund whether, if Apple were to make a move into mainstream gaming, it could challenge the big two with a console of its own.

"If it was anyone but Apple, I'd say that's going to be very hard," he replied.

"I still think it's going to be extremely hard for them but they've surprised many people before.

"Look at what they did with the iPhone, right? They are a truly brilliant company so I would give them a relatively good chance to succeed if they tried."

Jeremy Allaire, the CEO of cloud-based software platform Brightcove, seems to agree, he made points for why Apple should make a games console back in July.

In October Nintendo of America boss man Reggie Fils-Aime said he thinks Apple is a bigger threat to Nintendo than Microsoft.