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CVG: Comments of the week

Laughing at you, laughing with you

There's a fairly sizable chunk of funny to stuff into your eyes this week.

It's been a generally mild mannered seven days but you still managed to make us titter throughout and for that we courtesy.

Cast your eye across the green grass of the garden of humour and water it further with the watering can of jest in the comments section below. That's right, we're getting poetic.

Video: Splinter Cell 6 dev shown off by Jade Raymond

she is quite hot. Am i the only one thinking that?

Could everyone welcome TykerD3? Thanks.

Jade Raymond should be DLC on all ubisoft games, a movie file of her talking about game development, wearing something nice (but not too suggestive), perhaps being interviewed by Carol Vorderman

An oddly reserved request from martinawatson there.

3DS is 'cooler' than Move, Kinect - Scribblenauts dev

Cooler, eh? Well I'm certainly convinced to part with my cash.

altitude2k doesn't take much convincing.

dasvoihrbqi on bto ifbvjnr g98 h b54inb giu v9htbgv98hnb gv9y8hntrxoiuhnbrgu

...sorry, forgot how to type. 3DS gets me excited.

boskersrevenge doesn't need any whatsoever.

Gears 3 VGA revelation 'not what you expect'

They've made it an RPG turn based game.

You joke Frogster8 but let's wait and see shall we?

If I expect the unexpected, then it'll be what I expect.

... Touche zombiesinmyhead

Kevin Butler does funny in latest PS3 ad

Not his best work by any means.

Is anyone else imagining djreplay with a pair of spectacles on a long stick?

Video: Black Ops multiplayer myths busted


....... Cheers for that gnokgnik

Jaffe response to Xbox fanboys: 'WTF? I can't have an opinion?'

Britney was brave enough to get paid by Pepsi and drink Coke,so why can't you?

Nice metallicorphan. We want to see this in a book of proverbs.

He should ask his grandaddy about the war. I buy my consoles strictly from allied countries, Sony won't brainwash me with a Propaganda-Station 3. I bet Jaffe is picking up Sir Oswald Mosley's soap as we speak. Fascist!

Bwahahaha! Wait, this is a joke baxterbeats, isn't it?

I like pork more than beef, I'll still eat beef but you can't beat a bit of pork! Does that make me a pork fanboy?

It depends how you react to this little factoid only_777: Beef outsold pork last year and it has better exclusives.

He looks a bit like David Mitchell; as in a right ugly but probably amusing git.

A confusing compliment for both Mitchell and Jaffe there from MPH.

Sega's Binary Domain gets trailer

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