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Bad Company 2: Vietnam gets bonus Operation Hastings map

Unlockable map available if you can meet DICE's challenge

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam will feature an unlockable map when it releases in late December.

In addition to the expansion's four new multiplayer maps based on the Vietnam war, you'll be able to unlock Operation Hastings, "one of the most popular maps" from 2004's Battlefield: Vietnam, DICE says.

The map will feature "everything that makes BFBC2 Vietnam amazing: tanks, Jeeps, temples, boats and helicopters all in an environment featuring a distinctive bridge that separates the map into two main areas".

But it's entirely up to players to unlock the bonus map.

"Once players in the Xbox 360, PC and PS3 community each collectively amass 69 million team actions, the map will be unlocked for all to enjoy."

So what's a team action?

"Well, it's any/all of these: resupply, revive, heal, spot, and repair. Team actions performed both in the main game and the digital expansion count towards the common goal."

Will you be picking this up?

[ SOURCE: PS Blog ]