CVG's Site Of The Week: KingPS3

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Last week we took our hats off to Play2Compete, now we're directing a respectful bow towards KingPS3.


Specialising in PlayStation 3 news (as the name suggests) KingPS3 has a handy way of linking its coverage together by topic so that you can catch up with or follow a story as it develops.

It also has a strong community ethos, not only hosting facilities for PS3 fans to gather and organise gaming shenanigans but to submit their own reviews and videos to the site.

If the love of gaming isn't enough, KingPS3 also doles out points as incentive to get involved, handing out regular prizes to the top participants. That's the spirit.

We sat down with webmaster Matt Jefferson to find out more:

What sets KingPS3 apart from other sites?

I think what sets KingPS3 apart from other sites the most is the variety of various 'features' that the site offers. Such things as our Clan Center (create a clan, schedule matches, etc.) and Tracks (subscribe to and follow your favourite news connections (related news and rumours) are just two 'features' that the site holds.

One of our main goals is to be a "one-stop" site for PS3 gamers. We want to provide everything that you need all in one website, and our growing list of site features is helping us work toward that goal.

Another thing that sets us apart from other gaming sites is the amount of available user interaction found on the site. We want the users to feel as if they are helping KingPS3 continue to grow. To do this, we not only allow users to comment and rate content, but they can also create content. They can submit news, articles, reviews, videos, and more, allowing them to easily both contribute to the site and get their opinions or news finds out to the public.

What would you say you specialize in?

At this moment, I think KingPS3 specializes best in keeping people updated and informed on growing rumours and news connections. When the beginning of a rumour sprouts, we do our best to research its origins, possibility, etc. to make sure site users are getting the most they can out of the piece of news.

We then put ourselves on a constant lookout for updates pertaining to the specific rumour. When we find updates, we connect them to the original rumour using our KingPS3 Tracks feature. This allows users to remain up to date on their favourite news connections and rumours with a few clicks and glances, rather than having to search around Google until they find the information they are looking for.

What do you have planned for the future?

Plans for KingPS3's future include expanding the site's overall user base, implementing new features to the site that will allow for more user interaction, and just adding more reason to call the site a "one-stop" site for PS3 gamers.

We plan on remaining dedicated to keeping PS3 gamers informed on anything they wish to be informed about, and to allow them to stay that way with ease.