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Console war (Huh!) What is it good for?

Opinion: Absolutely everything, says Tom Pakinkis

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But the fun is the debate afterwards, getting on the forums to see what other people thought and arguing against the most stupid opinion you've ever heard.

Fanboyism comes with the territory and if you ask me I think it makes that territory that little bit more interesting.

We don't have any hand in the success or failure of a game, we have no reason to fly the banner for a particular console, but that's not going to stop me from taking criticism of something I love a bit too personally. There's no reason, it's all just reaction that makes the whole experience richer.

When the final whistle went in the match against Bolton and Newcastle I was already picking out my Geordie mate from my contacts list for no reason other than to laugh at him and hang up.

Did I actually find his disappointment funny? No but, in a way, he'd have been more disappointed if I hadn't rung to exercise my bragging rights.

Yes the fanboy arguments are shallow, irrational and irritating at times, but that's the point isn't it? It's the banter of the console war we've created and, as long as it's mixed in with some useful debate and community spirit, I wouldn't trade it.

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