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Molyneux: Kinect will spawn 'whole new genres'

Give designers time with device, says Lionhead man

Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has predicted that Xbox Kinect will be the catalyst for all-new genres of gaming.

The designer intended to include Kinect support in Lionhead's Fable III - but Molyneux's team decided to remove the functionality.

But that doesn't mean the studio's given up on the device altogether - with Kinect-compatible DLC rumoured to be on the way.

"Everything changes when you change the controls, and that's what's happening now with Kinect," Molyneux told Word magazine.


"It's like going from driving a car to driving a plane... once we as designers have had time to play around with it, then whole new genres of games will come from that."

Molyneux added that he was aware of being prone to hype in the lead up to the release of his games - but was unrepentant.

"I've been a show off since I was two," he said, "and on the whole it's helped massively."

Fable III was released on Xbox 360 in October - to widespread critical acclaim.