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Sly Trilogy

In this case, crime does pay...

Recently this reviewer's home was broken into. The miscreants broke a window and trod dog poo into the carpet before making off with a bumper haul of videogames. Real pros do it differently.


Enter Sly Racoon - a gentleman thief who can wind his way stealthily up a drainpipe, shimmy across window ledges and pickpocket unsuspecting heavies like a stick-fingered Solid Snake.

All three of the games collected here expand upon this premise wonderfully. The platforming and stealth elements are expertly woven together and lent depth by a crack team helping Sly in the field and behind the scenes.

Even the first game in the series, the least accomplished featured here, can still stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of the Ratchet and Clank games out there.

Sly 2 ups the ante further by handing you control of Sly's allies and building elaborate heists around expansive environments.

In any given mission you'll infiltrate secret rooms, trail conspirators and snag the loot. The sheer amount of variety and collectibles just about excuses the often tricky to locate mission markers.

The final third of the trilogy is the most ambitious of the lot yet, drawing in more characters and game styles than many other games of its type lumped together.

It almost works, but alarms are triggered by less successful sections such as lightweight remote-control-car sections.

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However at a price of £29.99 and with added Trophies, Move and 3D support, this is an absolute steal - and you won't need to shin up a drainpipe to get your hands on it.

Finally a word of advice to the ne'er-do-well with my 360: up your game, mate...

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The verdict

A superb collection of three underrated classics. Platform fans shouldn't miss it.

PlayStation 3
Adventure, Platformer