PS3's 20 best Blu-rays

Part 1: Get these on your Christmas wishlist

Blu-ray isn't just another flash in the pan fad - it's the future of home cinema. And, as a PS3 owner, you already have a great Blu-ray player.

With the release of Inception earlier this week, and many of you no doubt thinking about Christmas gifts we've put together a list of the 20 best Blu-rays - it's got trailers and everything.

Pick one of these fine films and its sure to go down a Christmas treat.

Alien Anthology: Four films, four alternate versions, four commentaries and over 60 hours of special features. It takes less time for a chest-burster to incubate than watch this lot. This is a classic collection no PS3 owner should miss out on.
Price: £37.49

:Generation Kill: This disc does a great job of capturing the realism of the Iraq war. For PS3 owners, born and bred on digital war, Generation Kill remains an eye-opening Blu-ray.
Price: £13.99 (Amazon.co.uk)

The Prestige:: An tale of rival magicians and the lengths they'll go to outdo one another. On Blu-ray, the icy visuals take on razor sharp precision. Only weak extras let it down.
Price: £9.99 (HMV.com)

2001: A space Odyssey: Kubrick shot this in Panavision; widescreen that was perfect for capturing the vast expanse of space. Scale combines beautifully with the clarity of the transfer.
Price: £8.85 (Zavvi)

Speed Racer: Speed Racer uses colours we didn't even know existed. The frantic palette of this CG world is an undeniable wonder. Watch it on the biggest screen possible.
Price: £6.43 (Asda.co.uk)

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army: Guillermo del Toro's eye for intricate details and busy sets is the perfect bedfellow for Blu-ray. Scenes teem with mad fantasy detail, perfect for 1080p.
Price: £8.99 (Amazon.co.uk)

Terminator Salvation: A gorgeous post-apocalyptic world that shines on Blu-ray. From grimy specks of facial dirt to the tattered weapons of browbeaten humanity, Salvation boasts spectacular looks.
Price: £10.00 (Blockbuster)

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