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Play Gran Turismo 5 on PC - via new B-spec mode

Yamauchi discusses updates for 2011

You'll soon be able to play Gran Turismo 5 on your PC and other web browser-enabled devices - or, at least, a small part of it.

Polyphony Digital boss Kaz Yamauchi has confirmed that B-spec races will be playable via a web browser from early next year, thanks to a new update.

Yamauchi has been answering fan questions on Twitter this week. He reportedly told one GT lover: "Monitoring B-spec races from a browser should be ready with an update early next year."

The studio boss also said that Polyphony is working on making tracks from the course maker shareable with friends - but he doesn't think this feature will be ready until next year.

Sony this week released a patch to help fix issues surrounding GT5's online damage system.

[ SOURCE: The Sixth Axis ]