MAG update adds 'Multiqueue' feature

Patch version 2.10 enhances game search feature, adds in-game screenshots

Ready for yet another MAG update? Of course you are. Patch version 2.10 is out today and adds, among other things, a new 'Multiqueue' feature.


"A replacement for our "Directives" deploy option, Multiqueue gives players the opportunity to queue up for any or all game modes simultaneously. This allows users to jump into the action quickly without forcing them into gametypes they don't want to play. All you have to do is uncheck the modes you're not interested in playing and the Multiqueue will take care of the rest," explains Zipper.

It adds: "As an added bonus, we've also equipped the Multiqueue with a stackable XP reward that grows in its payout depending on how many modes you're willing to play!"

Gamers are also now able to take their own in-game screenshots at a resolution of 720p. "To do it, simply bring up the PlayStation 3 XMB, move to the "Photo" section, and find the command to capture screenshots within. Once a screenshot has been taken, you can then find them just as easily in the same photo section," says Zipper.

Head over to the official site below for a full list of changes.

[ SOURCE: MAG Official Blog ]