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Move/Kinect 'critical' to 10-year console cycle

And 'don't hold your breath' for price cuts either, says EEDAR's Jesse Divnich

EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich has said Microsoft and Sony's motion controllers, Kinect and Move respectively, are "critical" to the success of the current console generation's elongated cycle.

"Most console cycles last no more than five years, but with us approaching the fifth year of the current and with no end in sight, the success of the Move and Kinect are critical to the success of this elongated cycle," Divnich told Critical Gamer.


He also doesn't see any significant console price drops on the horizon. "Don't hold your breath," he said on the possibility of a $200 PS3.

"Unlike the previous generations, the goal this time is to increase the value of the consoles over time. We've seen this occur already through the implementation of larger hard-drives, Wi-Fi, and various online services," he explained.

According to Divnich, due to the underpowered nature of Wii, Nintendo would seem likely to make the first next-gen jump. "Due to its target market and its technology, Nintendo will always operate on a shorter console cycle. Which isn't a bad strategy," he said.

Microsoft has stated its confidence that Kinect will have a five-year run on 360. Now they're on shop shelves, what do you reckon?

[ SOURCE: Critical Gamer ]