'Shenmue changed Final Fantasy' - Yu Suzuki

Legendary Sega designer ponders his influence of the games industry

Despite its commercial failure, Shenmue designer Yu Suzuki says the Dreamcast series influenced the future of many other major game franchises - including Final Fantasy.


Suzuki says his work over the years, Shenmue in particular, has helped shape video games as we know them today. "Since I entered Sega in '83 I made Taikan games and that became a trend or shift in the industry. That was my first influence," he told 1Up.

'Taikan' games are arcade cabinets, like bike racer Hang-On, that feature an actual machine for the player to mount and physically move, mimicking the actions they are performing in the game.

"The second one was the shift from 2D to 3D graphics. I think my influence was pretty significant then," he added. "After that, I think it was Shenmue. Shenmue changed Final Fantasy and many other games," says Suzuki.

"So, although there's only 40 years of gaming history, I feel that the things that I have done have shifted the industry as a whole. It's a testament of my work and I'm glad that I've been able to produce games that have had a big impact on the industry."

Yu Suzuki's latest project is Shenmue City, a mobile and browser-based spin-off game that recently released in Japan.

[ SOURCE: 1Up ]