Tony Hawk still 'remarkably relevant' - Activision

Skater has "Michael Jordan-esque staying power", reckons publisher

Activision hasn't given up on the Tony Hawk franchise, despite a slow commercial start for latest release Shred.


Tony Hawk Shred was a "virtual no-show" at retail, selling just 3,000 copies in its debut week in the US, according to NPD figures released by Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz.

But Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg told IndustryGamers: "I think it's early to close the book on Tony Hawk Shred, because we are marketing it to kids, and it is a great gift, and the gift-giving season has already begun.

"That said, just as a category, I think your evaluation is correct... I think we have to ask all the smart questions and make some smart moves in terms of innovation to see if we can recapture people's imaginations.

"The one question that I can answer, and remarkably so, is that Tony Hawk does really still have relevance and tremendous appeal for people," Hirshberg added. "He is a lasting icon. He has that Michael Jordan-ish or Jordan-esque staying power, seemingly."

Have you had your fill of Tony Hawk or not?