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Pre-owned accounts for 25% of GAME sales

Second hand sales continue to grow at specialist retailer

GAME expects pre-owned software to account for around a quarter of its sales in 2010.


"As a key element of our value offer, preowned sales continue to grow as increasing numbers of customers realise the value that it offers," the company said in an interim management statement.

"It will now represent approximately 25% of our sales mix (2009: 21%) over the full year."

Pre-owned sales generated 47.4 per cent of US retailer GameStop's profit during the three months ended October 2010.

A number of the industry's leading publishers have attempted to combat pre-owned sales in recent months by only including access to features like online play in new boxed copies of their games.

EA pioneered the one-time code in the area, implementing its controversial Online Pass across its Sports portfolio.

THQ told CVG earlier this year that it believes second-hand sales "cheat" developers out of income.

GAME also said today that the UK installed base for current generation consoles hit 32.4 million as of December 4.