Are you a violent madman? Lorraine Kelly wants to INVESTIGATE you.

Update: ITV targets gamers, invites CVG readers. Brave.

[Update: ITV has contacted CVG to inform us that those who work on the Lorraine show "don't seem to be getting a very friendly response". Funny, that. We've removed the producer's personal contact details from our post, but encourage you to send ITV your thoughts about the programme via]

Dear reader,

Lorraine Kelly is on the hunt for violent teenage gamers.


In perhaps the most foolhardy invitation since Jesus asked Judas to "pop round for a bit of dinner", ITV has just emailed CVG the below.

The TV station has, straight-faced, asked us to post it verbatim in our forum. It evidently believes some of our readers may be prime candidates.

We're tempted to add some livid commentary, but we'll let the missive speak for itself.

All you need to know is that it's for Lorraine Kelly's imaginatively entitled daytime show, Lorraine. In which she "investigates".

Please note an open offer to email Lorraine's people at the end. [We've since removed this at ITV's request. However, you can still reach the show on:]

Keep it clean.


CVG xxx

[ITV is] looking for a specific case study for a segment on the show entitled 'Lorraine Investigates' and wondered if you would be able to post the details on your forum.

The piece is looking at the effects of video games on children and [we are] looking for the following to interview:

Either a teenager or the parents of a child or teenager whose education or relationships with their family have suffered due to the amount of time they spend on computer games, or a teenager or the parents of a child or teenager who has acted aggressively or violent towards another person, as a suspected result of playing violent video games.