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Which PlayStation Move games are worth your cash?

Get an overview of the best and worst Move titles

Sony's Wii-style motion controller, PlayStation Move is finally here. The first batch of games are all first-party Sony titles - with the exception of Namco Bandai's Time Crisis - but expect more publishers to embrace the technology in 2011.

Move's motion-sensing is really impressive, but few of these games use it to its full potential, at least; not consistently. We won't start seeing the really great Move games for a few months, but these are a good start.

It's worth noting that you won't have to buy the Move Edition of Heavy Rain to use the new controls. A free online patch has gone live for existing copies of the game - and it's interesting, but far from perfect.

Heavy Rain should be perfect for Move, but it's a disappointment. For the most part the experience is different without being better or worse, with only occasional blips into greater control.


Long strings of button presses, such as when you're knotting someone's tie or avoiding prolonged electrocution (we've all done it) are far easier, while occasional motions, such as boomerang throwing, are genuinely intuitive.

Yet damningly, Move doesn't fix Heavy Rain's clumsiness; those frustrating sequences where opening a cupboard or pulling out a chair proves almost infinitely harder than fighting off an armed psycho.

It still took us an hour to give Shaun an apple, for instance, and once he started his homework we got stuck in the loo. Move isn't really an alternative controller, it's an extra one.

You still need either the Navigation Controller or half a DualShock for walking, and the extra clutter, complication and expense rarely pays off.

TV SuperStars is nearly a good game. It's at its best when it's letting you do whatever you want, but a) too often it doesn't and b) it's too frightened to see it through when it does.

For instance, the property makeover show allows you to basically destroy some poor sap's apartment and paint obscenities on the walls. But no matter what, the returning sap is noncommittal and polite. We want to see horror. Rage. Possibly injury.

The satire on 'celeb' culture is great, with the whole structure based around climbing from Z-list to tabloid fame. Also, the camera-based character creation is ace.

With only five games it can't afford even a single duffer, so it's sad it has one - Let's Get Physical is hopeless. Loading times are dreary too, slowing four-player to a crawl.

TV Superstars is fun for a while, but with more variety and the freedom to subvert proceedings badly, it could have been great.

It's like singing, only with dancing. Why didn't they call it DanceStar? We can only speculate. And why didn't they make it better?

Consider the dancers in SingStar Dance. They're young, bendy, skilled and full of energy. They bop about in a strangely tiny part of the screen while precisely zero prompts scroll past.


You have to copy their moves using psychic powers that you probably don't possess. Now consider us. Collectively we're slow, tired and have slightly fewer joints than we started with.

We sprawl across chairs like discarded coats. In ways fundamental to the continuation of reality, we're not like dancers. And you're like us. Ha.

So, if we're to have a chance of dancing like a pro getting it on to Lady Gaga's P-p-p-p-p-p-poker face we at least need some f-f-f-f-f-fair warning. How about prompts? Feedback? Some clue? There's a thought.

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