Bulletstorm: Bleszinski promises solid PS3 performance

Epic man promises brutal shooter will take full advantage of the PS3 hardware

Epic's predominant work on Xbox may leave you concerned, as seems to be a trend this generation, that the PS3 version of Epic's latest, Bulletstorm, will be a cast-away port. Not so, promises Epic bog man Cliff Blezsinski.

In the below video interview on Bulletstorm, Bleszinski assures PS3 gamers that their version of the hyper-brutal, Unreal-powered shooter will take full advantage of the PS3 hardware.

"When you see the game on PS3, you'll see the textures look crisp, the depth of field looks great, the particles look amazing - it will very much take advantage of what the PS3 is capable of," he said.

And it does look amazing, check it: