Shock image leaks from new BioWare trailer... and it's dark

CVG scoops pic; Has Mass Effect turned renegade? Or is this a completely new, evil IP?

And we thought BioWare made such nice games. A new image confirmed to be from the studio's secret new blockbuster - obtained by CVG - suggests that its next epic may be grittier than anything it's produced before.

The image, which you can see right here, depicts crosshairs from a first-person perspective. Shockingly, as you look closer, you realise they are aimed squarely at a seemingly defenceless woman - reaching out to a fallen child.

Rumours abound that BioWare's new title is the latest addition to the Mass Effect universe - or even Mass Effect 3. The studio will finally unveil the game in full this weekend at the Spike VGAs in Los Angeles (1am Sunday morning UK time).


The US source that leaked the image to CVG told us: "I won't spoil it for everyone by telling you what the game is. But it's going to have a lot of hardcore BioWare fans jumping out of their seats."

CVG approached EA and asked if the game to be revealed on Sunday at this year's VGAs was part of the Mass Effect canon.

The publisher conceded that the image was a still from the trailer but would "not comment on rumour and speculation" surrounding the exact nature of the game.

BioWare gave us the first taste of its new game last month with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it teaser for the VGA reveal. A short video showed a marine-like gunman aiming down the sights of his weapon.

We noted at the time: "The unannounced game looks more like a modern shooter than Mass Effect 3, so perhaps the Dragon Age dev plans to introduce its trademark RPG elements to the Call of Duty genre."

Could Mass Effect be getting bleaker than ever before? Or does BioWare having something all-new up its sleeve to wow us with? All will be revealed this weekend...