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BioWare's new game: Dissected

Analysis: Could this be Mass Effect 3?

Now we're really starting to feel like Columbo. This week on Dissected we actually are trying to unravel a mystery: Just what is Bioware's new game? Could it really be Mass Effect 3?

Last night, we were handed a very menacing image by a man in a trench coat. Down an alleyway. In a particularly shifty part of London.

He told us it was to do with Bioware's new game.

We tried to catch a glimpse of his face by the hot orange glow of his cigarette, but he flicked it to the curb before we could get a proper look.

Anyway, we managed to get the image back to base and we're pretty sure we weren't followed. Let's get to work.


It doesn't take a genius to work out why this pic could be interpreted as harrowing. A woman reaching out to a fallen child on a mass of rubble, trapped in the crosshairs of a sniper rifle? *Shudder*.


You'll also notice the blurry image of another figure to the left of the picture. He's probably coming to the rescue of the young 'un as well.


If we're thinking about who these folk are, closer inspection tells us they're probably family. Check out the kid and his ginger bowl cut, we're guessing the woman reaching to his aid is his mother.

That chap on the left is sporting the same barnet as the child, which makes us think that he might be an older brother - or maybe the father. The eagle-eyed amongst you would have noted the similarity between the image's sniper crosshairs and those seen in Mass Effect 2.

One thing we'd put a fair few pence on is that the snapshot doesn't give us the whole picture. We reckon it's a bit too much to have your game reveal involve the murder of a defenceless woman and child in distress. But then, you never know...

We're expecting the sniper to make the classic last minute swing to one side to take out a previously unseen threat to the family.


If we're trying to work out who the man behind the gun might be, this shot fits particularly well. From Bioware's initial teaser trailer, it shows a bulky fellow leaning out of a window with a sniper rifle.

Both pics looks like they're set in an urban environment - albeit one that's seen better days. It'd be reasonable to assume, then, that this is a city under attack - and while this structure has already crumbled to the ground, the one that our hero (or villain?) is housed in is still standing (although note the bars, what could he be shooting from?).


Zooming in a bit more, particularly on the woman, we get a closer look at the kind of clothes these people are wearing. They're pretty sci-fi, we think you'll agree. More to the point, they're very Mass Effect - adding serious weight to those ME3 or ME Online rumours.

We've looked at every pixel of the hi-res image and we're pretty sure that's all we can get out of it.

No doubt we've missed a few vital clues, however. We trust you've all brought your magnifying glasses, readers...