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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn review - 92% in ONM

The best DS game of the year?

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is even better than Dragon Quest IX, according to Official Nintendo Magazine.

The DS RPG is on sale tomorrow and the magazine has awarded the game 92%. That's more than Dragon Quest IX managed.


According to the review, Camelot's new adventure has a lot in common with Square's RPG. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is described as "a cocktail of Zelda: Spirit Tracks and Dragon Quest IX".

All aspects of the game were praised. "Its battle system is a spider's web of subtlety and craft, while its adventure element contains some supremely satisfying puzzles and an enormous world to explore. Added to that is a collection spree that will have completists purring."

So Dark Dawn is the best DS RPG of 2010, but it's not ONM's highest rated game on the handheld this year. That honour goes to Professor Layton And The Lost Future, which scored 93% back in October.

Here is ONM's Golden Sun: Dark Dawn review.