CVG: Comments of the week

Oh you funny, funny bunch

You lot haven't been given many breaks this week, what with 'games addiction' this and 'punching people in the face because of games' that.

Still you generally managed to take the flak with dignity, point out its flaws and then move on to make childish jokes elsewhere.

And for that we say kudos, it's all that we ask. Here's what you said that we found relatively pleasing:

George Clooney spotted in Gran Turismo 5

The adverts are too pixelated, they should have delayed the game to get them perfect.
Forza 3 had better adverts.

El Mag covers his trolling bases.

The crazy controller Move could have been

Interestingly, through its entire development, Move has never deviated from its original form - a vibrator.

You know what they say about fixing things that aren't broken newsinthefield.

Games industry dismisses Panorama claims

I'm far too busy playing games to watch Panorama...

But you're not addicted are you will7476? We should make that very clear. Not addicted...

Having just seen Panorama; I would like to openly complain to CVG for installing a Kudos bar which... which... I need to get to Kudos 27 (Only 89% away) Must post more comments! Must post more comments! With great comments comes great credibility within CVG... Arrggghhh snap out of it man.

Yes that's right Ellscore, post your comments. Go on, go on post. There's more Kudos just around the corner. All the Kudos you could possibly want.

Game designer supports Panorama 'addiction' claims

"Does this mean that games are addictive? In a strict sense, no. Addiction refers to the ingestion of substances that directly alter the brain's chemistry, and since you can't eat videogames, they don't qualify."

Challenge accepted.

altitude2k is hungry for his hobby.

I didn't watch it. I installed Crysis: Warhead on my new PC, played it and got p**sed on Stella.

kimoak unveils the gamers' new public image.

L.A Noire - new screenshots are criminal

To quote Ghandi..... f**k YEAH!

Ah, we like a man who knows his Ghandi NatesMate.

Kinect used to create flying AI robot

Big deal!

I made a sled for sackboy, out of one of my slippers.

You didn't make anything Mark240473, you just took your slipper off. No-one's interested.

Hold the phone!

Oh apparently altitude2k is interested. Apologies from the heart.

Batman: Arkham City trailer arrives tomorrow

Me n Bats go wayback. (FLASHBACK)...... I REMEMBER WEN WE FIRST MET IN HIGH SCHOOL. HE WAS A SKINNY CHAP WITH CENTER PARTED BLOND HAIR. me and the guys referred 2 him as GREG. he hated that name so we continued doing so cause we iz mean. but 1 day (tuesday to be exact) he snapped n started just rippin up bats in the gymnasium n throwin em over his head. i was confused as u r. i sed wtf u doin GREG? n he was all GRRRR! so i bitchslapped tht muthatrucker n decided 2 head wen all of a sudden KAPOW! BANG! CRASH! he started kicking my shins n yelling MEGAMAN!!! MEGAMAN!!!! n i was all "no Greg" "no..."

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