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'Inaccurate motion control is harmful' - dev

Shows video of Kinect Joy Ride player placing third without moving

Motion control is intended to enhance player interaction, but when done badly or inaccurately motion control actually "reduces interactivity" and "can be harmful".


That's according to Sean Murray, boss of PSN game 'Joe Danger' developer, Hello Games. Murray spoke positively of motion control as a method of adding "more interactivity" to games, along with touch screens, more advanced processors, voice control, cameras and augmented reality.

But he added: "inaccurate motion control actually reduces interactivity and that's harmful," demonstrating his point by playing the now seemingly infamous video of a player coming third in Kinect Joy Ride without moving.

"It's such as shame, it's such a lost opportunity," Murray went on. "It is actually a good game, but there's a danger of making games too casual and removing interactivity, and you see that sometimes. I think even the casual gamer doesn't want to just have reward."

Nail on the head, we reckon.

Murray also said developers who don't play and enjoy their own games are "in trouble".

"Some game developers, they don't play their own games, they don't feel it's an expression of themselves," he said.

"If you're having no fun making your game then you're in trouble," he added, showing a video of the Hello Games team laughing while playing Joe Danger.