Subscribe to NGamer: The gift that keeps on giving

We're making you a festive offer you can't refuse

Our Corporate Overlords are forever giving us bad news. "Your lunch breaks have been cancelled", "Only weak gruel may be consumed at your desks", "You're not allowed to use the private jet at weekends" - that sort of thing. But today they bring us glad tidings, and we're passing on the good news to you.

It seems the elves in our subscription department have quite literally slashed the cost of subscribing to NGamer [Have they 'literally' slashed it? Really? - Pedantic Ed]. If you hop on over to our subs page (which is here) you'll see that you can save up to 40% on the cover price of NGamer if you take out a sub.

The benefits of subscribing are many and varied. You save a shedload of money, natch, but you also get the magazine delivered to your door, often several days before the mag's available in shops, so you get to find out first what's in the latest issue.

If you're not a subscriber already, start pestering your parents/spouse/probation officer for an NGamer subscription for Christmas. Or why not sign up all your friends and family, then they'll understand all the peculiar NGamer in-jokes that no doubt have you in absolute stitches every month.

Erk, the Corporate Overlords are patrolling again. We'll have to go. But remember what we said about subscribing. You'd be a fool not to.