Dara O'Briain proves he is pretty much a hero

Comic takes video games to mainstream BBC One. Wins.

Okay, so it doesn't quite make up for Panorama. But BBC One last night aired an eight-and-a-half minute ode to video games - all thanks to Dara O'Briain.

The comic unashamedly dedicated a huge chunk of his set on Live At The Apollo to our hobby - and very funny he was too.

You can watch it below. It's spot on. GTA, Guitar Hero, Wii and, particularly, the music industry get thoroughly ribbed. Okay, so it's not all brand new. But come on: It's free.

Best bit? He explains to the audience at the beginning that some of them might not get the jokes... then nearly everyone does.

(Warning: There are some 'adult themes' in there. As if that would bother you lot...)