The Top 10 games of 2010

The titles that took this year by storm

When we cast our eye back over some of the titles that have hit the shelves this year, we were ever so slightly baffled at the number of great games we've been treated to.

We've had stellar experiences right across the board whether it's in the world of FPS, RPG, RTS, rhythm action, sports or platforming - it's been hard to pick the best ten.

We've had to be really cruel and there'll be titles that aren't on our list that might have rocked your gaming world - be sure to shout your favourites from the hills (by which we mean comments section).

We want to give honorary mentions to the likes of Fable III, Bioshock 2, Heavy Rain, Splinter Cell Conviction, PES 2011 and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for providing us with genuinely brilliant experiences.

It's these titles, however, that we think have had the biggest effect on us and the rest of the gaming universe this year.


One for you RTS fans, and if you're looking for the perfect way to experience the tactical genre then Starcraft II is probably the daddy of its kind and the absolute pinnacle of multiplayer strategy.

Starcraft II was in many ways a culmination of everything RTS that's come before it, tightened, polished, balanced and then made completely accessible, at a beginner's level at least.

It has, however, become an acquired taste for some, with the best Starcrafters in the world taking the definition of mastery to ridiculous levels that others just can't comprehend.

Next to Warcraft, this is Blizzard's most anticipated and loved franchise, and while Warcraft may be the household name, Starcraft took 2010 to the cleaners as far as military battling is concerned.


Turning our gaze to the rhythm action music genre and one franchise pushes itself to the fore with ease.

It's almost the perfect example of how music games should be made as it manages the previously unheard of task of blending the real and virtual worlds.

It all came down to the introduction of Pro instruments which did away with the blocky buttons of colour and replaced them with a button for every note on the guitar.

That meant that when players took on a song in Rock Band 3 they were pretty much playing the actual song.

Memorise a song on Rock Band 3 and you'll be able to play on a real guitar. You'll lack the touch and feel perhaps, but still, we have to take our hats off to Rock Band 3.


8. FIFA 11
Always a contentious one since gamers are starkly divided between FIFA and PES if they're football fans at all, but in our mind FIFA 11 represented probably the most complete, fluent and fun sporting experience to date.

The level of detail in the animations and the individual personality of players made football feel more realistic and responsive than ever.

We were mightily impressed with the PES offering too this time, but EA Sports has just gained too much ground over the past few years and that extra amount of polish and authenticity made FIFA 11 a clear winner not just in football but in the sports genre generally.


The Kojima influenced Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, somewhat surprisingly, dominated September.

Mercury Steam's vampirish action adventure reaped praise from pundits all over the place gathering 90+ scores by the sack-full for its incredible combat, involving story and sheer epic presence.

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